Importance of Consumer Court in India

Published: 19th September 2011
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Consumer court as all of you know is recognized as special purpose court that deals with different types of cases regarding consumer disputes and grievances. If you are really very desperate to know about consumer courts, go through this article. All of us become very concerned when it comes to our rights that are not sufficed by the service providers.

Consumer courts are formed by the government to help out people like us when we face certain issues regarding home loans, some company issues or even some legal problems. Each and every customer is facing some problem everyday and the right place to lodge your complaint is consumer court. It is not possible for all of us to accept all the rules and regulations created y the government; the best place to seek help is court. Court can provide you with the solution of each and every problem.

Consumer courts are connected to Indian judiciary system which caters to several consumer grievances. These courts are basically set up to protect the rights and freedom of consumers. In India there are basically three types of consumer courts accessible. One is the national level court, the second one is the state level and the third one is the district level.

As most of you might know that a national level court works for the whole country. It takes care of all the laws and regulations of the country. A national level court deals with more than 1 crore. The state level court works at the state level and it handles or manages everything related to the state level. If any kinds of problem arise at the state level, state consumer court will solve it. Last but not the least; the district level court works at district level and it deals with not more than Rs 20 lacs.

For lodging a complaint you will not require a lawyer; what you will need to do is file a complaint inside a specific customer court. The best part of this particular court is that the hearing is taken on fast track basis. Have you heard of Consumer Protection Act? According to this act a three tier redressal system is provided; first at the district level known as district forum, second is state level and third is national level.

Lodging a complaint is very easy; you can write your problem in a piece of paper and send it to the court through post. In that letter you should mention your name as well as the name of the person who is responsible for the problem clearly.

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